Our Partners

BioEndeavor -

BioEndeavor is a non-profit organization that seeks to understand and enable models of engagement of consumers and employees. The focus is on engagement through wellness and life. Namely, BioEndeavor focuses on understanding models of engaged thinking in the areas of sustainable product development and health innovation.  BioEndeavor conducts research in the following areas:

  • Systems Thinking as a Means of Engaging Key Internal and External Stakeholders
  • Engaged Thinking as a Concept
  • The Engagement Continuum and Engagement Strategies
  • Knowledge Management and Learning Organization; Engaging Intellectual Capital Assets
  • Design Thinking as a Concept
  • Co-Designing with Consumers
  • Engagement through Technology
  • Enabling Behaviour Change Through Engaged Thinking
  • Generating Shared Value

Visit BioEndeavor at: https://www.bioendeavor.net   


CanBiotech is an open innovation and patient engagement platform for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Visit CanBiotech to learn more about best practices for collaboration with industry stakeholders and patients. Participate in the discussion, attend upcoming events and training opportunities provided by CanBiotech and partners in the areas of innovation program development, open bioinnovation, design thinking for health and patient engagement. Visit CanBiotech's patient engagement social community at: https://canbiotech-poc.igloocommunities.com/